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Is that you, Bobby?

Like many people, I thought parts of 2016 had been something of a nightmare. It had been so unbelievable at times that, when I woke up on 1 January, a part of me even wondered whether I might find David Cameron back in Downing Street, Donald J Trump a rank outsider at the start of the Republican primaries and Bobby Ewing back in the shower. Could the whole year have all been just a dream?

If the Aussies can turn back time …

Well, real life isn’t like that. Or so it seemed. But events in Australia are, well … Read on and you decide.

News just in is that, on Sunday, Roger Federer will face Rafael Nadal in the final of a grand slam tennis tournament. That’s not happened since 2011. And, tomorrow, Serena will face Venus in the other single’s final. We’ve not had one of those since 2009.

If the Aussies can turn back time in their part of the world, shouldn’t the rest of us try to match them? We don’t need to wipe back quite so many years. Just a few months would do. Think about it.

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