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Mediation and dispute resolution

I qualified as a mediator in 2009 having previously led the UK forensic accounting practice at Ernst & Young and subsequently in a firm of economic consultants.  I am a Panel Member with BetterWay Mediation for property-related disputes. At various times, I have also been a Panel Member with Cambridge Mediators for general commercial mediation, as well as a couple of pro bono providers, LawWorks and Wandsworth Mediation Service.

Example mediations

It was what it said on the label … professional and above all successful.
Mediation Client

  • Negligence claim against a financial professional, complicated by the fact that the amount claimed was in excess of the PI cover in place
  • Breakdown in relationship between management consultant and public sector client: the case was settled by finding a way to enable the client to derive additional value from the work done prior to the dispute
  • Dispute between online retailer and search engine consultant.

Expert determination and tribunals

Simon is alert to the “people” issues as well as the intellectual ones. He looks for the reasons why a situation has arisen. Nigel Macdonald, Coca-Cola Hellenic

  • Member, Nominet’s Panel of Experts determining disputes over .uk domain names (2001-03)
  • Member, Institute of Actuaries Disciplinary Tribunal (1989-2001) and Financial Reporting Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal Panel (2011- )
  • Expert determiner for a dispute between the trustees of two merged pension schemes.

Expert witness and adviser

I have more than 25 years’ experience as an expert witness or adviser in a range of  commercial disputes and regulatory or disciplinary enquiries.

I have also experienced the High Court from the litigant’s perspective, in a David-and-Goliath dispute as chairman of a not-for-profit company suing a multi-billion pound, multi-national corporation.