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Manager and management consultant

I doubt that my clients think of me as a traditional management consultant (and I don’t think of myself that way either). But it would be difficult to have been working with senior management for as long as I have without engaging with the management process and being asked to pass that knowledge on. Examples of such work include:

People management

A snapshot of my thoughts on people management can be found in my book, On The Way Up, published in 1992.

  • Working with a head of division in one of the economic regulators to improve relationships between different groups of professionals within a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Advising the Risk Director of a financial services company, seeking to inculcate a more challenging culture within his team
  • Some years after leaving Ernst & Young, I was asked, as a consultant, to design and facilitate a culture change programme for a group within its corporate finance department
  • Chairing a working party for the Actuarial Profession which looked at the ways to improve the professional body’s decision-making functions.

Financial management

Simon’s rapid response to one specific area of work at very short notice was particularly appreciated. Nick Morris, Ofcom

  • Enabling a bank to reduce its losses on a portfolio of leases by identifying alternative negotiating positions
  • Developing financial models for the analysis of equity release mortgages and investment mis-selling
  • Advising a retail chain on negotiations with a government department
  • Developing a strategy for a City professional firm to determine fee levels.


I have run structured facilitation programmes within professional services firms as a means to assist decision-making and also in the business school environment as part of a program of risk management case studies (click here for examples)