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Communication is at the heart of all my work, whether as a consultant, a coach, a writer or a speaker. Helping my clients to persuade an external audience – in the High Court or the court of public opinion – is typically just as important as developing the analysis with clients in the first place.

Consultant and Coach

Specific communications assignments have included the following (click on them for more details):

  • Developing report writing skills with accountants, actuaries, economists, engineers ...
  • Leading a program to identify the most effective means for a firm of risk management consultants to present their techniques and their services to prospective clients
  • Leading the external relations function for the Actuarial Profession (2002-04)
  • Training the next (and current) generation of actuaries

Writer and Speaker

Writing and public speaking are a pastime and a passion for me and I enjoy exploring different audiences. I have written for a range of professional journals, including New Law Journal, Accountancy, The Actuary and The Expert. I also publish on this website a commentary on topical matters.

Someone stuck a knife in my neck last week. Fortunately for me …
Blog 19 October 2009

The Financial Times is a medium that I have returned to several times, having written for their legal page in the 1980s and 1990s and their accounting page in the current millennium. In between, I enjoyed a regular guest spot in the FT Weekend’s In the Pink column writing about a range of financial topics that piqued my interest (or the editor’s).

A recurring theme over the years has been exposing a lack of clarity in conventional thinking where I believe it exists. Subjects that have received this treatment include pension costs (not least Being Actuarial with the Truth), Microsoft’s anti-competitive behaviour and David Beckham’s first sending off in an England shirt!

I enjoy public speaking, addressing both lay and technical audiences on a range of topics (click for examples).