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Consultant, coach and sounding board

Simon Carne PhotoI typically work with organisations for whom solving the problem is not enough. The need to persuade an external audience – from the court of public opinion to a court of law – is just as important to them as arriving at the right solution in the first place. Companies commission me to work with them as:

I arrived at the current place in my career through an unusual route. In the 1980s, I set up one of the UK’s first forensic accounting and expert witness services. Ten years on from that, I started consulting to economic regulators.

Simon brought an unusual range of expert knowledge, intellectual rigour and playfulness in making us challenge our ideas.
Chris Kenny, Former Director of Regulatory Policy, Oftel

More recently, I embraced the portfolio-style career that sees me teaching at a business school, sitting on a disciplinary tribunal, chairing a private company and continuing to consult. Throughout most of this time, I have been a guest columnist in newspapers and professional journals as well as a writing skills trainer for professional firms and financial services organisations.

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You can contact me or phone (020 7938 2600). A downloadable CV is available here.